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As each automotive component is washed, the dirt levels in the wash fluid increase. Pall high-efficiency premium filtration solutions ensure wash fluid is maintained at a level required to achieve the component cleanliness level specified. Fluid systems are becoming more sophisticated and less tolerant to contamination, so controlling cleanliness has become a vital part of the automotive manufacturing process. Every component potentially carries contamination to the system.


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Marksman series filters are a customizable and cost effective filtration solution for automotive wash fluid systems. These superior filters surpass traditional bag filter performance in both filtration efficiency and consistency. A wide range of filtration media, such as polypropylene, nylon, and glass, allows for a fit-for-purpose filter system. 


Featuring high porosity design for maximum dirt holding capacity, one Marksman filter delivers the filtration performance of 10 bag filters, resulting in fewer filter changeouts. A simple, user-friendly changeout process further reduces the length of scheduled maintenance downtime. In addition, the inside-to-outside fluid flow path ensures contaminants are trapped on the inside of the filter, eliminating the risk of contaminating fluid downstream during filter changeout.


In-plant applications include parts washing, machine tool coolant, make-up water, pre-and post-RO, E-coat filtration, paint and coatings, water and oil-based metal working fluids, wash rinses and baths. Pall filters can be installed into existing hardware to upgrade filtration. For example, upgrading nominally rated bag filters to Pall filter cartridges improves fluid cleanliness and can increase service life and lower maintenance costs.

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Marksman XLD Series

Marksman XLD (eXtended Life Depth) Series filters have a unique pleated depth configuration. They feature a thicker, multi-layered pleat pack that combines the best of pleated and depth technologies into a single cartridge. Marksman XLD filters are ideal for applications where the long life of a pleated filter is desired, and the presence of deformable particles requires the use of depth media.


Marksman NXA Series


Marksman NXA filters utilize the same proprietary CoLD Melt technology found in the Pall Nexis Filter range. The unique Co-located Large Diameter fiber construction produces a fiber matrix with excellent structural integrity to assure that the media does not shift, compress, or unload captured contaminant. This proprietary melt-blown depth filter exhibits precise particle removal efficiencies, excellent consistency, and exceptional void volume for high contaminant-holding capacity.


Marksman series filters maximize filter performance, reduce filter changeouts, and increase changeout speed for an overall reduction in operating costs. For more information, click here to contact a Pall expert    

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