HRSG Water

Heat recovery steam generator

Our HRSG Water Filters Ensure Consistent Water Purity Ideal for Heat Recovery Systems

Our HRSG Filters minimize fluid contaminants in water recovery systems to protect crucial components from corrosion, reduce water usage, and to enable gas and steam turbines to run at peak efficiencies in combined cycle power plants. 


Steam/gas turbines and heat recovery boilers are dependent on pure water in order for ideal combustion, efficient heat transfer, and proper heat recovery. Pall HRSG Filters remove contaminants in water to exceed stringent purity requirements of new generation combustion turbines and high pressure boilers. Clean water enables combined cycle systems to optimize power production and enable better control of integral steam and gas functions. Properly sized, installed, and maintained filtration systems play a key role in boiler and turbine preventative maintenance planning. Pall durable filtering products keep water to high purity standards needed to ensure the quality of the combined cycle process. The result of effective filtration is cleaner turbine combustion, better operation of Nox control systems, protection of the boiler against corrosion and reduced water usage overall. 


Meeting, and exceeding, the industry's toughest standards.


We bring a complete approach to water management for combined cycle plants to minimize particle ingression into HRSG systems. Membrane Technologies are by far the most effective methods for water processing applications extensively used in combined cycle plants. Our range of membrane systems includes microfiltration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis membrane technology.


Pall Aria™ water treatment systems for example use hollow fiber microfiltration membranes to produce pure water from any type of water source. They remove bacteria, iron, manganese, arsenic, and other solid particulate to deliver water that consistently measures up to the industries toughest cleanliness and quality standards. Our membranes are used for production of make-up water, recycling of blowdowns and wastewater, as well as water fed protection for gas and steam turbines used in combine cycle systems. 


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Maximize your combined cycle plant’s performance

AccuSep Inorganic Membranes are revolutionizing the purification and separation processes found within the power generation industry. We have undertaken several joint development programs with universities, government labs, and industries for HRSG systems. AccuSep membranes are so versatile, they provide the ideal platform for creating unique separation and purification process and are ideal for HRSG systems.




  • Extended operating life heat recovery boilers
  • Increase plant efficiency and decreased unplanned downtime
  • Enhanced process control
  • Reduced water costs and usage


Our HRSG Filtration systems are the most economical and durable option to keep fluid contaminants minimized in combined cycle plant water systems. Click here to let a Pall expert optimize your water and HRSG filtration to maximize your combined cycle plant’s performance. 


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