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Nuclear Condensate Filtration Systems That Ensure High Water Quality

Backed by unmatched system design and operation expertise, Pall Condensate Filters maintain feed water purity, reduce ion resin consumption, and protect critical steam generators and resin beds through industry-leading filtration. This technology features high particulate removal efficiency for steam generators and resin beds. Pall Condensate Filters are designed to be disposable/backwashable which reduces the need for replacement and lowers costs. 


Condensate Backwashable Systems: 


Pall Hydro-Guard® PPB filters and Hydro-Guard® ColdR filters are engineered to decrease operating and maintenance costs because of their long service life and ease of sterilization. Our backwashable condensate systems reduce particulate transport, protect steam generators and resin beds, and minimize worker exposure. 


There are a variety of media ranges and materials that can be adapted to any condensate flow conditions. Our backwashable systems can be used with or without pre-coat ideal for systems where strong filter integrity, element life and efficiency are critical to maintaining the purity of water. In pre-coatable or straight filtration mode, our elements combine high efficiency with industry leading durability.


Condensate Disposable Systems: 


Pall Ultipleat® High Flow Disposable Filters are frequently used in high-efficiency condensate filtration systems because they are available from 100µm down to 1.0µm absolute, are constructed of disposable media, and are designed specifically for the high flows/pressures encountered in nuclear condensate systems. Our industry leading design features an inside-to-outside flow configuration that allows effective retention of particulate matter inside the element. The large diameter of the filter means that fewer filters are needed leading to decreased operating costs. Our unique small footprint lowers installation and filtration costs while maintaining water quality in high flow applications. Our replaceable element design lowers downtime and limits worker exposure. 


Pall Condensate Filtration systems maintain the quality of feed water and extend the operating life of critical steam generator and condensate systems. Click here to let a Pall expert help you optimize your condensate filtration systems to maximize your sites performance. 

Contact our team of filtration experts for more information on improving the efficiency of your processes.


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