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Wind turbine solutions increase operational life, reduce maintenance costs and extend service intervals

Wind turbines are exposed to constant use and extreme environments, while posing uniquely difficult repair challenges. Our filtration products protect and monitor gearboxes and hydraulic systems from contaminants including moisture, salt spray and sand.    


Wind turbines have to withstand some of the harshest environmental elements on Earth. Each system is constantly bombarded with rain, sea spray, or blown dirt and sand. Systems are costly to repair and maintain as each is a compact, hard to service plant, perched several stories high, and more often than not, in remote locations far from parts supplies. Unlike conventional generation systems, operating speed and time is as unpredictable as the weather that provides its energy source. To ensure system longevity and build in maintenance predictability, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions to provide wind turbine fluid integrity and extend the life of moving parts. From filtration to monitoring, we can keep turbines generating power rather than expense.

Filtration made easy


We offer premium grade filter elements and housings capable of protecting equipment exposed to harsh environmental conditions, ranging from salt spray from ocean installations to blown sand in deserts. Our robust designs are perfect for the unique demands of the wind turbine industry and save operators money by extending regular maintenance intervals while reducing repairs. 


Hydraulic and Lubrication Oil - Athalon™


Our easy to install Athalon™ filters feature elements made from inert, inorganic fibers in a coreless, Laid-Over Pleat (LOP) design configuration that maximises the available filter capacity to extend filter service life. The filter element is resistant to high cyclic flow stress and dirt loading, has a Betax(c) ≥ 2000 efficiency rated (the highest rating in industry today), and anti-static properties to prevent the detrimental effects of electrostatic discharge. Athalon filter housings are also quick, safe and easy to maintain by unscrewing the filter cap rather than removing the complete filter bowl.


C.C. Jensen Lube System Retrofit (for 15/25 off-line oil filters)


Our filter element, built for retrofit in C.C. Jensen 15/25 systems, has a filter efficiency rating of 4 µm(c) per ISO 16889 Beta4(C) >1000 (>99.9 %) and SAE ARP4205. The filter element removes solid particulates as well as oil degradation products including sludge and varnish. It is capable of operating from -10 °C (14 °F) to 80 °C (176 °F). Made of high quality  wet laid composite cellulose with polyamide hardware it has a water absorption of up to 0.8 liters and can filter both hydrocarbons and synthetic based fluids, including polyalpha olefins (PAO).  

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Preventing untimely breakdowns and downtime

Sensors and Monitors

Our monitoring solutions are a perfect fit into modern IoT (Internet of Things) preventative predictive maintenance programs. As wind turbines operate in remote locations under unpredictable and variable environmental and operating conditions, they pose a costly repair threat due to contaminated fluids. Keeping ahead of repairs through proactive maintenance saves operators money. Our solutions give operators advanced notice of fluid impurities that can lead to catastrophic breakdowns, helping them to organize and plan rather than react to emergencies.    


Water Sensor – WS12


The Pall WS12 Series in-line water sensor measures dissolved water content and temperature of hydraulic, lubrication and insulating fluids. The all-in-one modular housing and probe design is easy to install and operate with a M12 connector fitting securely for at least a NEMA 4 IP65 moisture protection rating. 


Condition Monitoring - Pall Cleanliness Monitors (PCM) 


The PCM500 is a portable monitoring device (or can be mounted into the system as a fixed unit), designed to monitor fluid cleanliness.  The technology is based on a mesh blockage mechanism impervious to air bubbles, free water, or opaque fluids and capable of operation across a wide range of fluid types and viscosities up to 450 cSt, perfect for use in remote locations and on heavy gearbox lube oils. The PCM reports fluid cleanliness as a three part ISO code, per ISO 4406,   for a range from <11/9/7 to 23/21/17. 


Features include a ¼" BSP or test point hose connection, battery operated power source capable of 35 tests or more between charges, and an integral sampling pump for high and low pressure on-line or off-line sampling. Test protocols, real time graphical representation and cleanliness results are displayed on a high resolution colour touch screen, and results can also been downloaded for future analysis.  In addition, the PCM500W model has the ability to monitor dissolved water content as a percentage of saturation or as PPM for specific fluids. 


Filter Blockage Indicators / Remaining Life Indicators 


Our filter blockage and remaining life indicators are used to monitor pressure drop and fluid temperature in Pall filter housings, to give advanced notice of hydraulic and lube oil filter service element life, helping users accurately predict maintenance schedules. Sudden changes in fluid condition will also impact indicator readings inferring further investigation maybe needed to prevent failure or interruptions in production.

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