Pall capabilities for final fill and finish applications

Final fill is arguably the most quality sensitive section of the biopharmaceutical process. Often, it involves a close working relationship between the producer, the hardware supplier of the final fill apparatus and the single-use supplier.

It is crucial that a trusted relationship is present and that the product contact apparatus have quality built in and documented assurance of process suitability. This means, the right materials, the right documentation and the right design, including formulation, filtration, fluid management, storage and final fill.




Steven Davy, PhD

Biotech Specialist

Steven Davy has twenty years’ experience in the biopharmaceutical and scientific field.

He began his career of research and development in the UK, before moving into process development. He then used his expertise working as a biopharmaceutical engineer for twelve years as a Senior Specialist for NNE, primarily based in Denmark and the USA.

He completed his PhD in the flocculation of Saccharomyces pastorianus at Oxford Brookes University and is currently a Biotech Specialist at Pall.

As well as his scientific papers, he has published papers on the implementation of single-use technology and risk assessment for process development.

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