Connectors and Disconnectors

Kleenpak™ Sterile Connectors product photo

Kleenpak Sterile Connectors have autoclave and Gamma sterilization compatibility. Both male and female connectors maintain cleanliness with pull away, ventilated strips to create sterile pathway. Kleenpak offers a dry connection and easy locking mechanism to guarantee permanent connection. Module is manufactured under a Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001 standards.

Kleenpak™ II Sterile Connectors product photo

Kleenpak II sterile connectors allow for the dry connection of two separate fluid pathways, while maintaining the sterile integrity of both, even in an uncontrolled environment. The connector consists of a male and a female connector, each covered by an aluminum peel-away strip that protects the port and maintains the sterility of the sterile fluid pathway prior to connection.

Kleenpak™ Sterile  Disconnectors product photo

The Kleenpak Sterile Disconnector is the first device designed to maintain sterile integrity, even in cramped and uncontrolled environments. Also, disconnection is performed in seconds - while maintaining sterility of separate fluid paths and using no tools.