Deployment of single-use technologies (SUT) has accelerated greatly over the last few years. In addition to supply chain issues, this rapid pace of adoption at the commercial scale has led to a shortage of operators trained in the handling, installation, and use of disposable production systems. Knowledge transfer regarding how to use SUT must be achieved in a rapid and scalable manner to enable the workforce to successfully operate GMP-compliant, aseptic, single-use bioprocesses.


This webinar, presented jointly by Lonza and Pall Corporation, is a case study showcasing how a SUT supplier and a biomanufacturer can successfully work together to create an effective training program.


During the session we will discuss: 


  • Key characteristics of adult learning
  • Different learning methods and benefits: digital technologies such as virtual classes, e-training programs and virtual reality, as well as face-to-face courses and hands-on practice
  • How Lonza have improved their training effectiveness, while reducing training costs and accelerating learning for new employees



Hélène Pora


VP Technical Communication & Regulatory Strategy
Pall Corporation


Hélène has been instrumental in the development of Pall single-use technologies for the last 20 years, while getting heavily involved in manufacturing, quality and regulatory aspects. She has over 35 years of experience working for the biopharmaceutical industry, the last 30 years within Pall Corporation. She speaks regularly at conferences about single-use technology with a strong focus on validation and overall process integration aspects. She is also involved in different industry interest groups with a strong focus on BioPhorum, and BPSA.


Michael Moedler


Head of Training & Operational Excellence Biologics Operations Visp, Lonza


Michael has over 20 years of Operational Excellence Experience in the industry, first with DuPont and then in 2009 he joined Lonza. Since 2013 he has been working on the development of a Human Performance / Error Prevention System with BioPhorum and rolling it out to Lonza sites globally.


Michael was Director of the Lonza Pharma and Biotech Academy during the design and the ramp-up phase and in 2018 joined the Lonza Ibex growth project leadership team, with focus on modular, scalable training concepts and new training methods at Lonza Biologics Operations Visp.

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Case Study Article: Addressing the Single-Use Training Gap 


Learn how to increase the speed and efficiency of your operator training on single-use technologies