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Membranes designed for stringent requirements

Mobile phase filtration is performed prior to placing the solvent into the solvent reservoir. Buffered mobile phase solvents require daily filtration with a 0.2 μm filter to eliminate microbial growth that could increase the baseline.


The primary concern when choosing a solvent filter is solvent compatibility with the filter material. We offer several filters to accommodate the various types of HPLC solvents. Our wwPTFE (water wettable polytetrafluoroethylene) membrane is a universal solvent membrane to reduce confusion with filter selection. Typical membrane filters range in size from 25 to 90 mm in diameter and are available in a 0.2 or 0.45 μm membrane pore size.


We offer a unique product for safe and simply mobile phase filtration ensuring analysts can obtain the best possible results whilst effectively protecting their valuable equipment. The SolVac™ magnetic filter holder simplifies clean-up and degassing of mobile phase solvents and other solutions. The SolVac features a versatile design that its most HPLC bottles, flasks, containers and eliminates added steps of washing flasks and transferring mobile phase solvents from flask to reservoir. Solvent is drawn directly from HPLC solvent bottle eliminating the likelihood of spilling aggressive solvents compared to glass funnels or disposable cups systems.

The SolVac is reusable, with a chemically resistant and polypropylene construction, resistant to common HPLC mobile phase solvents such as methanol, acetonitrile, and tetrahydrofuran. It accepts 47 mm disc filters with choice of membrane based on the type of solvent or solution being filtered. In addition, the durable plastic construction means the device will not shatter if accidentally dropped, which can occur with glass funnels, assemblies or pick-up adaptors.


How to use –

  1. Place base on the receiving vessel with gasket seal seated on the rim of the vessel. Attach vacuum tubing from vacuum source to the vacuum port adaptor located on the side of the housing base Place the membrane on the clean, dry filter support. 
  2. Attach inlet feedline tubing to the tapered inlet on the upper housing. Place upper housing onto housing base to securely seal the membrane. Place feedline tubing into solvent to be filtered. 
  3. Apply vacuum while firmly holding the SolVac filter housing until full vacuum is drawn. When the required vacuum is achieved and the system is “charged,” open the thumb clamp to start the filtration. Continue to filter until all of the solvent is drawn through or the receiving vessel is full.