Automated Sampling and Dissolution Testing

Sample Preparation that’s Critical for Analytical

As samples become smaller in volume and more numerous to process it is important to have sample prep devices that you can rely on. Pall supplies filtration devices optimized for automation and multiple sample processing, providing worry-free usage while protecting your analytical instrumentation and chromatography columns.


Automation Certified Acrodisc Syringe Filters


Pall has specifically designed and certified our Acrodisc PSF syringe filters to be fully compatible and reliable for use with automated equipment, making them ideal to use in processes such as dissolution testing.


Pall’s Acrodisc PSF syringe filters are manufactured to the critical tolerances necessary to ensure accurate and reliable performance. These filters have been engineered to specific dimensions to provide uniform housing and optimized inlet and outlet designs. Stringent adherence to such critical dimensions is vital in ensuring consistent filter delivery, positioning and operation of each and every filter that passes through your automated workstations.


Smooth filter-to-filter release


The Acrodisc PSF syringe filter has been designed so the filters cannot be forced too tightly together or to the automation components, allowing for a smooth release, while still meeting ANSI/ISO filter luer standards.

Consistent turret advancement


The filter’s quick-releasing luers separate easily, and the slightly rounded upper shoulder allows the filter to consistently slide under the wedge. This results in trouble-free separation from the filter stack and smooth filter advancement along the workstation’s track.

Exceptional housing strength


The specially designed support ribbing, thick device walls, and proprietary housing weld ensure a robust seal, as well as a filter housing that can withstand excessive force both internally and externally.


Strict “outside filter geometry"


Strict dimensional specifications in height and width ensure proper alignment and smooth operation.

The Acrodisc PSF syringe filter combines the automated certified design of the syringe filter housing with Pall’s proprietary membrane technology. Acrodisc PSF syringe filters are available featuring different membranes to ensure the best compatibility with your sample and application requirements. We ensure our membrane filters have accurate pore size rating, Acrodisc PSF syringe filters are more retentive than standard 25 mm devices offering superior HPLC column protection – better retention efficiency helps extend column life as much as 52 times. For samples that may have a high particulate load Pall offer Acrodiscs which contain a GxF multi-layer prefilter that provides two to four times the throughput of standard glass fiber prefilter devices.


When performing sample filtration in critical applications such as dissolution testing it is important that the filters do not leach extractable contaminants into the filtrate, or bind any analytes contained in the sample. Our HPLC, LCMS and IC certified sample prep filtration devices have been designed, manufactured and tested to ensure low levels of extractables.


Pall have produced a study that demonstrates that when correct selection and use of syringe filters is performed then the amount of API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) removed by the syringe filters is too small to affect the HPLC determination.

AcroPrep Advanced 96-well Filter Plates


When performing sample preparation on multiple samples Pall offers a range of 96 well filter plates. Pall AcroPrep Advance 96-well Filter Plates are available in 350 μL, 1 mL and 2 mL well volume formats, and with Pall’s wwPTFE membrane with either 0.2 μm or 0.45 μm pore size. wwPTFE, water wettable polytetrafluroethylene membrane is ideal for aqueous solutions and offers maximum chemical compatibility for aggressive solvents.


AcroPrep Advance 96-well Filter Plates can be used manually using a vacuum manifold or on robotic automated handling systems.
  • Well design increases well-to-well consistency for sample processing and recovery
  • Outlet tips minimize the formation of hanging drops, reducing the chance of cross contamination following filtration
  • Individually sealed membranes and biologically inert housing minimizes the possibility of sample cross-contamination or loss
  • Designed to meet SBS/ANSI guidelines, ensuring compatibility with standard processing equipment

Nanosep MF Centrifugal Devices


Centrifugal devices are ideal for labs with medium sample throughput and are simple to use syringeless devices. The sample to be processed is pipetted into the upper reservoir of the device. The device is placed into the appropriate centrifuge and spun.


Filtrate can be recovered by removing the lower reservoir of the device and using a pipette or pipette tip to remove the liquid. Retentate can be recovered from the centrifugal device simply by pipetting it from the upper reservoir. Multiple devices can be processed in one centrifugal run.


Pall Nanosep MF devices are available with wwPTFE membrane with either 0.2 μm or 0.45 μm pore size.