Our Laboratory OEM device manufacturing facilities utilize the most advanced technology and set industry standards for reproducible results, durability and high signal-to-noise ratios.

The perfect partner

The flexibility and the peace of mind you need to find the right solution

As the world leader in the design and production of membranes, filtration devices, and separation systems, Pall supplies products to nearly every industry in the world. For over 50 years, our customers have relied on Pall for their most sophisticated applications in drug discovery, healthcare, biopharmaceuticals, municipal water, aerospace, hydraulics, industrial fluid processing, and more.

With Pall you gain access to a global, multi-site manufacturing organization with an impressive portfolio of products, quality systems, and experience to meet the diverse requirements of your internal and external customers. 


You need a reliable business partner with a proven track record in technology innovation, manufacturing excellence and regulatory compliance. At Pall, we know you’re counting on our ability to supply products that meet the quality and performance standards your customers demand and to work within your budget and timetable. Our OEM business approach is founded on four core competencies. 


  1. Membrane Manufacturing – Pall offers the broadest selection of membrane chemistries ensuring optimal performance for your purpose.   
  2. Device Engineering – By combining the right membrane with the right device platform, you get the best combination for your filtration, separation, purification, or detection application.
  3. Scientific and Laboratory Services – Pall’s expert testing and scientific support is available from more than 20 dedicated locations across the globe.    
  4. Manufacturing/Quality/Logistics – Our global manufacturing network and experience in regulatory compliance and supply chain optimization enhance the reliability of our customer’s operations.   


Pall’s microporous materials and filtration devices are manufactured under precise, highly controlled conditions. Our global manufacturing operations employ Lean Manufacturing and Six-Sigma principles, and internationally recognized quality systems, to produce products of exceptional quality and value. Pall’s OEM device manufacturing facilities utilize the most advanced sealing technologies, vision systems and robotics platforms to ensure optimum operational flexibility, fast response times and lot-to-lot consistency.  


From sample preparation to DNA/RNA detection, Pall membranes and devices provide endless possibilities for molecular applications. Pall’s membranes for transfer, immobilization and detection set industry standards for reproducible results, durability and high signal-to-noise ratios. These membranes can be used for nucleic acid and protein purification applications and are compatible with radioactive and non-radioactive detection systems. For sample clean-up or concentration, Pall offers membranes for microfiltration and ultrafiltration that can be integrated into a variety of existing device platforms including multi-well plates, slides, plastic films, centrifugal devices, and syringe filters.


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