Laboratory Tangential Flow Filters Systems

Rapid and Efficient Method for Separation and Purification of Biomolecules

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Laboratory Tangential Flow Filtration Systems

We offer a complete laboratory scale TFF system, the Minimate™ Tangential Flow Filtration System. The system features a plug-n-play design. Plug in a Minimate TFF capsule, add sample, and turn on the pump to start processing. The Minimate TFF system includes all the hardware, tubing, and fittings needed to get your TFF process up and running quickly.


The system affords high concentration factors. The low system working volume achieved through the use of a conical bottom reservoir and compact design enables high concentration factors from up to 1 L or more of sample to be achieved. Concentrate your sample down to as little as 5 mL.


Minimate TFF capsules contain Omega™ polyethersulfone membrane with an effective filtration area of 50 cm2. The Omega ultrafiltration (UF) membrane, available in a wide range of molecular weight cut-offs, offers low adsorption characteristics resulting in high product recoveries. Sample batch sizes of up to 1 liter can be desalted and subsequently concentrated to volumes as low as 5 mL with little user intervention.


The reusable/disposable capsule can perform single or sequential concentration/diafiltration steps using the same device in a closed loop connection, saving time and avoiding product loss associated with transfer steps. An optimized fluid path minimizes hold-up and working volumes and allows easy scale up to larger TFF systems like the Centramate™ & Centramate PE Lab Tangential Flow Systems. The Minimate TFF capsule and larger devices utilize consistent materials of construction to assist in process validation. Finally, each Minimate TFF capsule is 100% integrity tested during manufacture to ensure reliable performance.