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June 2021
Cut the Cost of Contamination

Laboratory | Pall Corporation 웨비나 시리즈

With regulations only becoming more stringent and new biologics being discovered regularly, performing bioburden, sterility and microbial limit testing of raw materials, intermediates or finished products is a crucial step in the dynamic work done by pharmaceutical producers every day.

Cross-contamination during testing can result in false positives requiring costly retests and delaying your products from reaching the market.

This webinar will cover topics to help labs prevent contamination while also saving money.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Potential risks of contamination in pharmaceutical and water microbial testing
  • Membrane filtration overview
  • How Pall products can help solve some typical microbiology QC problems
  • Video demonstration, informational of Pharma workflow with Pall Laboratory Manifold
Kacey Pouliot

Pall Corporation
Global Product Manager
Microbiology QC Portfolio


Maybelline Panta

Pall Corporation
Lab SLS Manager – North America