Anesthesia Circuits

Prevent the spread of bacterial and viral contamination from your patients with our anesthesia breathing system filters and breathing circuits.

Our Breathing Filtration Solutions are Gold Standards in the Medical Filtration Industry

High Efficiency Breathing System Filtration: Preventing Contamination


Breathing System Filters used in anesthesia are designed to interrupt the routes of contamination between patients and the ventilator breathing system. They efficiently stop airborne and liquid-borne contaminations, which keeps a low flow resistance over their entire service life. They can be used at patient side to act as a microbiological barrier and as a Heat and Moisture Exchanger (HME) or can be placed at the machine side of the ventilator.


Multiple-Patient-Use Anesthesia Circuits


Protect patients, staff, and equipment while increasing efficiency and reducing costs


Multiple-use anesthesia breathing circuits are used in operation rooms, along with Pall Ultipor® 25 heat and moisture exchange filters, to prevent the spread of bacterial and viral contamination. Filter-protected circuits can be used on an unlimited number of patients within a 24-hour window. Key benefits of multiple-se anesthesia circuits include:

  • Validated and registered for multi-patient use
  • A variety of coaxial (single-limb) and dual-limb circuits available
  • Four mask sizes: one pediatric and three adult (small, medium, and large)
  • All products and components are natural rubber latex free

Help Us Help You Meet Your Green Initiative


Not only does our anesthesia circuit system help your pockets, it also helps the environment


While decreasing overall circuit costs, moving from single-use disposable items to multi-use items is an effective waste reduction strategy. Not only does it generate less medical waste in the operating room(approximately 2000 lbs. less per year than single-use circuits), decreasing disposal costs1, it also reduces upstream environmental impacts because fewer natural resources need to be extracted, fewer finished products produced, shipped, stored, and distributed.2    


Additional Benefits:


  • Reduces the number of circuits used daily
  • Decreases overall circuit costs
  • Saves time by turning the operating room over more quickly in between procedures
  • Protects patients from machine contamination
  • Protects machines from patient contamination








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