We don’t look the same, act the same or think the same, but across Danaher our associates are united by a shared purpose – to help people realize life’s potential.







Pall was again named one of the greenest companies in America by Newsweek magazine.



Pall Manufacturing UK Limited was ranked in the top 5 percent of the Environment Agency’s first annual CRC Performance League Table (PLT).



Pall participates in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), a global initiative to inventory greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and evaluate the risks and opportunities from climate change on business operations.



Pall Redruth wears pink for breast cancer research.

Pall Ilfracombe joins 48-hour cycling challenge to benefit hospice.

Pall Pensacola donates supplies for Panama City residents after Hurricane Michael.

Pall Hoegaarden hosts "Open Company Day" event.

Pall Pensacola participates in United Way‘s Day of Caring.

Pall Port Washington welcomes local high school girls for STEM Mentor Program.






Engineering Materials Achievement Award


Pall Corporation won the prestigious Engineering Material Achievement Award (EMAA). The award recognizes outstanding achievements in the field of material science. ASM International is dedicated to the development and commercialization of material that advance production technique and facilitate innovation.


National Inventors Hall of Fame


Dr. David B. Pall, founder of Pall Corporation, is in the National Inventors Hall of Fame. Dr. Pall’s body of work in the filtration science earned him a place among such legendary innovators as Alexander Graham Bell and Henry Ford.


National Medal of Technology


Dr. Pall received the National Medal of Technology on behalf of Pall Corporation in 1990. The National Medal is the highest technology honor on the United States.




From its inception pall corporation has been committed to providing customers with innovative solutions that protect their precious fluids and prolong the life of expensive equipment.


Pall now spends more than $80 million dollars in R&D annually and our R&D efforts continue to be the engine that propels our success. Our technological advancements help customers across the globe purify oils and gases, filter contaminates from water, protect the integrity of microelectronics and accelerate the discovery, development and scale-up of biotech drugs.


Pall’s commitment to technology leadership is evidenced by our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, ground-breaking product offerings, unique SLS global technical support group, and our enviable patent portfolio.




For each of our products and services, we will meet the requirements of our customers in all areas of the world.


We will always ask what can be done better - for our customers, our distributors, our suppliers, our shareholders, our associates and the general public.


Our personal commitment is to continually advance our Quality Management System and processes by establishing quality objectives as part of our strategic planning process delivering sustained measurable improvements.








"Clean water is basic and fundamental for human health. It’s easy for those of us who enjoy clean water every day to take it for granted, but there are many in our global community who do not have access to safe water.


This collaboration has enabled us to provide a community in Haiti with access to clean, safe water. Not only has it benefited the people in Haiti, it has also provided a life-changing experience for our students.”


Jennifer Musa, Biology professor at SUNY Broome and co-instructor of the Health for Haiti program.





Our mobile low-pressure membrane units can provide a long-term solution or emergency relief for municipal and industrial water treatment applications. The containerized systems are quickly and easily installed to begin producing high-quality water within four hours of arrival on site.





Astronaut Neil Armstrong’s epic walk on the moon proved to be “one small step for man” — and another remarkable success for Pall Corporation. That’s because a porous metal heat exchanger developed by Pall served as a virtual lifeline for Armstrong throughout his mission. Residing in the backpack of his spacesuit, the device served as a mobile air conditioning unit, lowering the  temperature inside his spacesuit.


That was not the end of Pall’s rendezvous with history on July 20, 1969. Our bacterial filters were part of the Lunar Module, which carried Armstrong and fellow astronaut Edwin Aldrin from the mother ship to a soft landing on the moon’s surface. In this case, Pall filters played a protective role, screening the gases that were vented from the Lunar Module as part of the process to equalize cabin pressure with the near-vacuum conditions that existed on the moon.


Pall’s success with the manned space program continues to this day. Our products reside in multiple components of space shuttles, as well as the International Space Station, which was launched in  1998.


…had a sip of scotch?  Most of the world’s scotch touches a Pall filter.

…taken handwritten notes? Paper mills use Pall filters and other equipment to make sure the paper products maintain the highest quality, removing contaminants and water from the oil used in the manufacturing process.



…thanked a service member? Pall products keep military personnel safe in the line of duty, from on-board oxygen generation systems in military aircraft to hydraulic filtration solutions that protect control systems.

…relied on your smartphone to manage your life? Pall filters are used to manufacture the advanced interconnect circuits (microprocessors, flash memory and DRAM chips) that make smartphones ‘smart’.



…received medication intravenously or via an injection? Pall filters are used in the production of most injectable medications to remove contaminants — improving the purity of vaccines.

…watched OLED TV? Global flat panel display makers rely on Pall filters to improve the cleanliness of chemicals and gases that are used to produce the latest display technologies like OLED TVs, enabling high-resolution picture quality.



…had a family member or friend receive life-saving gene therapy? Pall bioreactor technologies enable gene therapy manufacturers to scale production so they can manufacture larger quantities of these life-saving treatments.

...travelled by airplane? Our cabin and cockpit filters and sensors can filter and help detect everything from galley odors to fume events. ducing flammability of fuel tanks and protecting cargo holds from fire.



... driven past a construction site? Construction equipment uses Pall filters to protect the hydraulic systems and engine transmissions from failure due to contamination of small particles in the oil system.

…used a live traffic report to plan your commute? Our PUREair solutions help protect helicopter engines and ensure safe operations, enabling helicopters to operate in extreme conditions.