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Our Medical team supports healthcare filtration and membrane solutions within five market areas: Healthcare Water, IV Filtration, Breathing Gas Filtration, Cord Blood, and OEM (Devices, Membranes & Media).


We provide cost effective solutions which support your business needs and quality solutions supporting your patient’ needs. We are the industry leader for solving filtration challenges in the healthcare business for the benefit of both medical professionals and ultimately hospital patients.


We pride ourselves on manufacturing a greater variety of membrane filtration materials for diagnostic, liquid, air venting, and gas applications than any other company in the world. We understand that in order to optimize product performance and minimize development costs, filtration media must meet the proper pore size, protein binding capacity, chemical compatibility, flow rates and throughputs. Our flexibility offers peace of mind when looking for the right application solution!

Within the intensive care unit (ICU), the threat of intravenous fluids and drugs contaminating ambient air, bacteria, endotoxins, and particles can potentially put a patient’s health at risk. To help protect patients, our IV in-line filters contribute to improved clinical health results and ultimately increased hospital revenue.


With over 20 peer-review publications, our IV in-line filters are the most documented IV in-line filters in this market and have been sold globally since 1960. We are happy to contribute to higher patient satisfaction! 

We offer a variety of Breathing System Filters (BSF) for applications in mechanical ventilation and laparoscopic smoke filtration systems. Our BSF meet the highest standards for filtration efficiency, which makes them the first choice for control of airborne contamination between the patient and ventilation equipment. With their hydrophobic filtration media, our filters also stop liquid-borne contaminants, while still being freely permeable by breathing gases. If used at patient side, our BSF act as heat and moisture exchangers (HME) to preserve the physiological state of airway humidification for intubated patients. Our surgical smoke filtration systems will retain smoke, volatile compounds, particles and micro-organisms from desufflation gases and protect the surgical team against the risks associated with the inhalation of surgical smoke.

For over 40 years, hematopoietic stem cells from bone marrow have provided stem cell transplant options to facilitate treatment for leukemia and other blood disorders. More recently, peripheral blood has provided a less invasive source of stem cells. Continued clinical research and advances in cord blood banking have now moved cord blood stem cells to the forefront of treatment for both pediatric and adult patients. We are a key supplier to the rapidly developing cord blood banking industry and point of care technology for helping vascular application in wound healing. We are committed to advancing technologies for this field.

Our unique Healthcare Water market supports with point-of-entry to point-of-use. We also provide support with the management of healthcare and non-healthcare water distribution systems. Our point-of-use disposable water filters are validated for absolute retention of numerus waterborne pathogens including Legionella spp., Pseudomonas spp., non-tuberculous Mycobacteria (NTM) and fungi and provide microbiologically controlled water at the point-of-use. We provide customized testing and site survey support to meet our customers needs!

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