Anesthesia Multi Use Circuits

Pall’s anesthesia circuits help in pulmonary function testing to retain saliva, microdroplets, and secretion in a patient’s expiratory gas. They generate less medical waste and have low cost. 자세히 알아보기

Anesthesia and Respiratory Care Products and Technologies

Anesthesia and respiratory filtration products provide patients, staff, and equipment with an efficient barrier to contamination while reducing costs.


Multiple-Patient-Use Anesthesia Circuits


A single Pall Ultipor™ Anesthesia Breathing Circuit System can be used for all procedures performed within a 24-hour period, as long as each new patient is provided with a fresh Pall patient kit. The advantages of using the same anesthesia circuit for multiple patients are clear:


  • Fewer anesthesia circuits are used, saving money
  • Less medical waste is generated, decreasing disposal costs
  • Operating room turnover time is decreased, saving staff effort
  • Patients and staff are protected from machine contamination
  • Machines are protected from patient contamination


Pulmonary Function Testing


The Pall Pro-Tec PF30S Filter is indicated for use with pulmonary function test equipment to retain saliva, microdroplets, and secretion present in a patient's expiratory gas. The Pall PF30S filters help to decrease contamination of equipment, which may lead to subsequent alterations in pulmonary function test results. The Pall PF30S also reduces the risk of patient cross-contamination.


Clinical studies have shown that the Pall PF30S has no clinically significant effect on most static and dynamic pulmonary function test results, like VC, FVC, FEF1, FEF25-75%,  FEF50%, PEFR, RV, FRC, TLC, TLCO, KCO, VA.1,2,3


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