Acid Gas Sweetening

High Efficiency Contaminant Removal

Improving New and Existing Gas Sweetening Processes

Gas sweetening processes using amine solvents are often challenged to meet productivity and reliability targets due to the impact of solid and liquid contamination. Some commonly seen issues are foaming, fouling and corrosion which lead to production loss from unscheduled downtime, reduced flowrate capability, regeneration issues, and increased maintenance labor and equipment costs.

This paper discusses how the installation of high efficiency liquid/gas (LG) coalescers before contactors, rich side liquid/liquid (LL) coalescers, and lean and rich side particulate filters are recommended to remove liquids and solids - related process variability and the benefits that can be seen in both new and existing sweetening systems. The ultimate result: optimized and improved plant productivity and reliability with economically viable CAPEX and OPEX investments.

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High Efficiency Coalescers

Pall Filtration Technology for Acid Gas Sweetening

Pall’s filtration solutions deliver exceptional filtration efficiency for refineries, ensuring both final product quality and equipment protection. These high efficiency filtration solutions fix most of the common, reoccurring problems that appear because of contamination and the corrosion/fouling cycle.

Pall Liquid/Gas Coalecsers

Pall Liquid/Liquid Coalecsers