PRO Services Rental Fleet - Fast, Flexible and CAPEX Free

Download our case study to understand how a Middle Eastern oil & gas company supplying jet fuel for one of the most important international airports was able to install our rental skid quickly, improve their product quality, and avoid capex restrictions.

Locally available mobile equipment fleet for short or long-term rentals to control contamination on critical process assets, safeguard output, and improve end product quality. 
  • Emergencies
  • Process Optimization
  • Increased Capacity
  • Turnarounds & Clean-ups


The rental equipment fleet includes:


  • High Flow Particulate Filtration Systems for flows up to 2158 m3h (325,760 bbl/day)
  • Liquid/Liquid Coalescer filters for flows up to 672 m3h (101.000 bbl/day)
  • Mobile Dehydration Purifiers
  • Varnish’ removal systems
  • Diagnostic and monitoring equipment


CASE STUDY: PRO Services in Action!

  • Challenge
    High amine and anti-foam consumption, Amines TSS at 230 mg/l, AC filter by-passed due to fouling Target: To meet particulate specifications for final products and increase production rates
  • Soution
    Mobile filter skid installed on lean amine side, running slipstream 15µm > 10µm >4.5µm filtration @ 60 m3h using absolute rated Ultipleat® High Flow cartridges
  • Results
    Amine TSS reduced below 10 mg/l after 3 weeks of filtration, foaming eliminated Return of the AGRU back to full production capacity Economical Benefits: Cost avoidance > $1M

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