Two Interns Share What They Have Learned at Pall

Everyone’s career journey is different, but most start their careers as interns. In honor of National Intern Day in the United States this month, we sat down with two of our interns to learn about their experience this summer joining the Pall team.


Name: Caroline Cicotte

Current student at: University of Florida (studying Chemical Engineering)

Current role and location: R&D intern based in New Port Richey, Florida (USA)


What types of projects do you work on?

Right now, I’m developing a standard operating procedure for a 3D printer. I’m also creating and testing molds for a new filter element process. I also construct prototypes and perform basic quality tests.


What’s been the most rewarding project you have worked on?

It would have to be learning a new CAD program and then being able to hold a 3D object that I created in my hand for the first time.


What does your typical day as an intern look like?

My typical day consists of running round the plant—between the R&D lab and the epoxy station asking for more resin for what seems like the 30th time that day. I keep busy taking pictures, mixing epoxy and trialing new designs.

What’s something interesting you’ve learned working at Pall?

I learned how to operate a Scanning Electron Microscope. To go from being a student reading about this machine in a textbook to actually being able to use one in real life is one of the coolest things I can say I’ve gotten to experience.

Name: Coby Vorasane

Current student at: University of South Florida in Tampa

Current role and location: Manufacturing Engineering intern based on New Port Richey, Florida (USA)


What projects have you been working on during your internship?

Currently, I’m supporting the machine shop and helping improve the current manufacturing processes. Day-to-day, I help design fixtures, solve concerns and reach product qualification.


What do you enjoy most about your internship?

I really enjoy the capability to learn something new every day. A couple of months prior to joining Pall, I had learned of the Japanese word “Kaizen” and its meaning to continually improve. I started to implement this concept into my daily living to improve myself at least 1% every day. Learning that Kaizen is one of the Core Values at Danaher and Pall, I felt this was the perfect place to better learn and apply this concept.

What do you wish people knew about being an intern at Pall?

The support at Pall has been great. My coworkers have been incredibly supportive and eager to help me with any questions that I may have. I am a person who tends to ask a lot of questions and that might seem irritating to some, but here at Pall, everyone was glad to help and go out of their way to direct me to the right place. Being in a new environment, it's not always as easy to assimilate into a company, but I felt like I was smoothly integrated. I also value the authenticity and respect shown to me and my coworkers as I am able to be my true self comfortably in a safe environment.


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