Improving Sustainability of Brewing with Pall Beer Systems

November, 2023

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Brewers today often use technology developed decades ago that has been optimized over time to increase efficiency and operational processes. As a result, this machinery is typically very well fit for purpose but does not drive innovation within the brewery. Luckily, brewers and partners are developing new production equipment and investing in research and development in brewing to improve product quality and minimize operational costs of production.


But that’s not all that is driving breweries to make production process improvements today. Consumers and regulators are increasingly driving many consumer-packaged goods companies to prioritize sustainability. Research from consultancy Simon-Kucher & Partners indicates that 85 % of people worldwide have shifted their purchase behavior towards being more sustainable in the past five years.


Reduced water and energy consumption and minimal waste accumulation are obvious examples of environmental sustainability; however, less obvious but also of significant importance is the efficient use of all raw materials, not just water.


Today’s brewing industry provides plenty of opportunities to achieve significant savings, resulting in lower emissions, and higher raw material (including water) efficiency with a positive impact on product quality and the environment. Selection of the appropriate technology and running the processes as well as leveraging digitalization and internet of things (IoT) can also help to improve performance.


 In our latest technical article, we look at the three main aspects of sustainability in the brewing process:


  • Environmental Sustainability


As an energy-intensive process that relies on substantial volumes of water, water consumption and wastewater disposal are just some of the environmental challenges that impact the brewing process.


  • Economic Sustainability


This means aiming for economic growth without compromising the environment. An example would be achieving economic gains because of decreasing consumption of raw materials, waste or utilities.


  • Social Sustainability


Social sustainability involves identifying and managing the impact on people. Breweries can support social sustainability by implementing food safety programs, for example.


As a forward-thinking company, Pall has been a technology leader that has been proactive in setting up products to be more sustainable. As brewers now look to reduce CO2 emissions, water consumption, beer loss, or DE powder elimination, Pall offers solutions that will benefit the environment.


To learn more about Pall’s solutions to improve sustainability in brewing, download the full article by filling out the form to the right.


To discover more about our solutions across the industry, visit here.


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