Fluid Condition Monitoring Solutions

Understanding fluid condition is essential for predictable asset protection and reliability of industrial equipment.

‘What you cannot measure, you cannot control’


Industrial processes can be extremely sensitive to the presence of solid and liquid contaminants. Effective and reliable monitoring at various points in the system is essential to making data based decisions that allow you to best protect your assets, extend equipment life, to reduce costly downtime and minimize production losses.


Pall offers a broad range of fluid condition monitoring equipment to support industrial manufacturers and machine operators accurately measure key performance indicators such as fluid cleanliness, water content and differential pressure.


Pall also brings significant experience in how to analyse this data, understand what the potential impact of the situation will be and take countermeasures to prevent failures and loss of operations.

Pall Fluid Monitoring Solutions

  • Fluid Cleanliness

  • Water Content

  • Filter Condition

  • The PCM500 Cleanliness Monitor is a portable diagnostic monitoring device that uses mesh blockage technology to report accurate, reliable, 3 part ISO cleanliness codes for most types of  fluids, in all types of environments.
  • Monitors mineral, synthetic, and water based fluids.
  • Unlike laser counters, the results are unaffected by the presence of water, air, or if the fluid is dark in colour.
  • Get results in under 6 minutes and take preventative action quickly.
  • Upload real-time results directly to mobile devices for analysis and action.
  • PCMs can also be hired for from our Rentals and Services group.


  • Pall Water sensors (fixed and portable designs) measure water content as a reading of % saturation of the oil.
  • This method (rather than PPM) provides a better measure of how close the water content is to the formation of free water in the fluid and the potential for a detrimental impact.
  • Sensors can be supplied with or without user interface or as a hand-held mobile device for use in multiple on and off-site environments.
  • Pall differential pressure indicators signal the need for filter element change by sensing the differential pressure between ports upstream and downstream of the filter element. They connect to the Deltadyne device port available on Pall filter housings.
  • Pall filter blocked indicators are available in a wide range of indicating formats including mechanical or illuminated visual, 4-20mA signal, and with a range of connector types.

For more information on improving the efficiency of your processes, contact our team of filtration experts.

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