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Filtration Solutions Improve Safety and Reliability for Automotive Stamping Presses

Our unique range of filtration, purification, and monitoring solutions for both process and hydraulics applications improve the efficiency, reliability and safety of the stamping process in automotive manufacturing.


Most popular Pall Filtration Products for Stamping



Fluid Cleanliness for Stamping Benefits


Our process filters and hydraulic help the end-user to maintain over time the quality of production and maximize the uptime of their stamping presses.


Fluid Cleanliness for Stamping Benefits
  • Pre-wash: Depth filtration exhibiting a Beta >5,000 filtration efficiency combined with a long service life. This filter ensures that the coolant is clean and avoids the nozzles of the low pressure washing system to clog. The pre-wash is important as it helps avoid 'marks' on the sheet metal – the pressure applied by the press on the metal can be a few thousand tons.


  • Stamping: Athalon Stress Resistant Technology. Athalon on-line and off-line filters ensure that the particulate contamination resulting from wear mechanisms is maintained under control even in the most severe operating conditions. Usually, on such critical equipment, there are many components very sensitive to particles > 15µm like servo-valves or variable displacement pumps. Athalon filters ensure that the fluid cleanliness level is fully under control to maximize the uptime of the equipment while protecting the key hydraulic components

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  • Supradisc Lenticular Modules and Purifiers: These two items working off-line are extremely efficient at removing varnish and water. Supradisc lenticular filter modules are made of a cellulose fiber-based medium, combined with resins and additives, while purifiers rely on 'mass transfer under vacuum' technology.


The Pall Filtration Solutions for Automotive Stamping Press improve the efficiency and safety of the stamping process. For more information, contact a Pall expert today.