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Whether you manufacture, maintain or operate products in the aerospace,  defense or marine industry, you must meet stringent performance, reliability and maintainability requirements while also delivering the highest possible value to your customers.

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Note: If you are searching for Pall Land and Marine (PLM), Aircraft Porous Media (APM), or Mectron Industries, please be advised that these companies have been merged into the entity Pall Aeropower.

Pall's Industry Experience

Our experience has grown with the industry. We've been participants in virtually every aerospace/defense program that requires fluid clarification. Pall has taken a leadership role in the development of products and specifications to resolve complex system contamination control problems.

The following partial list provides some insight into the leadership role Pall has taken in the aerospace and military industries.

  • First to apply rigimesh filter element to aircraft hydraulic systems
  • First Single Tube PUREair System on gas turbine engine
  • First application of an inertial air cleaner on a flying boat
  • First helicopter engine inlet air cleaner to be fully qualified in icing environment
  • First helicopter engine inlet air cleaner to exceed 93% ACCTD separation efficiency
  • First air cleaner manufactured under 3 inches thick
  • First 5 micron filter element qualified to MIL-F-8815 specification
  • First to apply 3 micron filtration to helicopter transmissions
  • First to provide filter elements with removable diagnostic layer
  • First to provide an automatic reservoir air removal valve for aircraft hydraulic systems
  • First to manufacture a Dual stage filter element for engine lube oil
  • First to qualify 3 micron filter elements to MIL-F-81836 specification
  • First to manufacture an Odor and Bacteria filter for the Space Shuttle
  • First to apply fine filtration to combat vehicles
  • First to apply a dual stage filter element to a combat vehicle transmission
  • First to apply a fluid purification system using a mass transfer system
  • First to develop and supply a single piece commercial aircraft cabin air recirculation filter which lasted a full "C" check ( 4000 to 5000 flight hours )
  • First to introduce microbial rated cabin air filters. We adapted our Biomedical filtration technology to commercial aircraft Environmental Conditioning Systems
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