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We are passionate about helping you meet your most difficult challenges and have put together a range of solution stories from across industries. Discover the challenges and solutions that relate to you below.


Food and Beverage Solutions

Increasing process efficiency and clarity in cannabis oil



Evello International sees significant increase in process in cannabis oil extraction production. Evello International's number one goal is to raise the quality and standards of their cannabis oil processes. Through the use of Pall filters and systems, they achieved an increased process efficiency and as well as better clarity in their oil output than with before their partnership with Pall.


Don't Waste as Drop! Beer Recovery that Increases Profitability


Learn how one brewery whose surplus yeast was the eqivalent to more than 30% of thrir annual beer production used a beer recovery system that provided a cost-benifit of €625,000 per year







Oil and Gas Solutions

Solving Foaming in Amine Regenerator



For this Middle-Eastern gas production company producing sales gas and natural gas liquids (NGL), severe foaming issues had started to affect the gas throughput, causing amine carryover and production delays. Discover how they removed the entrained liquids in the feed gas, reducing the foaming in the amine generator.


Removing Water from Diesel and Eliminating Off-Spec Product Incidents


At a major Canadian oil company operating a 138,00 bbl/day refinery, removing water from diesel downstream was a critical challenge that needed addressing. Through the implementation of AquaSep® coalescer technology, off-spec product incidents decreased significantly, thereby saving on reprocessing and transportation costs.





Power Generation Solutions


27,000-Megawatt loss turns into mega savings


Premature plugging, filter bypass, end-cap failures and system trips due to high filter differential pressure were the challenges experienced by a United States combined-cycle plant.  Discover how our experts helped them to tackle these issues and eliminate contamination during start-ups.





Energy Transition

Meeting new electric vehicle battery technical specifications 


The predicted rise in electric vehicle sales growth presents technical challenges for many OEMS and Tier Suppliers due to the need for larger capacity battery packs and/or improved efficiency.


Learn how we supported a major bearing company to meet the required technical specification and minimize the operating cost of their 2-stage washing system.





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