Recovery and recycling are the linchpin of effective conservation strategies. Conservation through recycling and/or extending the service life of fluids is being effectively accomplished with a wide range of Pall products and systems, including:
  • Oil Purification Systems to extend the fluid life and/or recycle hydraulic fluids, mineral oils, lubrication fluids, avionic coolants and other fluids.
  • Oily Wastewater Separation Systems for the reduction of waste volume by up to 95% through the concentration of emulsified oils and suspended solids and enabling the clarified water fraction to be discharged.

Pall is constantly looking for ways to help our military customers with environmentally-sensitive issues. An in-depth look at Pall's involvement in military recycling initiatives is presented here:

Pollution Prevention for Military Facilities Through the Recycling of Hydraulic and Lubricant Fluids
A published paper that focuses on the degradation of hydraulic and lubricant fluids in the presence of particulate and water contamination, and on the recycling/reconditioning of fluid via removal of particulates and water from fluids.
Service Life Extension of Hydraulic and Lubricant Fluids Through Contamination Control
A paper focused on the importance of the removal of particulate contamination and water in fluid service life and extension.
Pollution Prevention for Military Plating Operations
A published paper that reviews new filtration technologies which will extend the useful service life of fluids used in metalworking/plating operations.
Recycling of Military Hydraulic Fluids
A published paper that reviews the benefits of using an automated recycling unit to recycle hydraulic fluids.