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If airborne contamination is ingested by a helicopter engine, it can cause severe damage, e.g., erosion, corrosion, and component wear. Helicopters have to be ready 24/7 for rapid dispatch to any location. Their missions cannot be delayed, restricted, or aborted by blocked air intake filters, so they require a maintenance free engine protection system.


The fit and forget PUREair system, historically also referred to as a "sand filter", "Centrisep" or "inertial particle separator", is the perfect solution for such challenging operations. It shields the engine against airborne contaminants, which results in:
  • Increased operational availability and reduced downtime
  • Safer operation (protection against foreign objects, ice, snow, and rain)
  • Protection against engine erosion
  • Reduced maintenance and operational costs

Further Information on Helicopter Engine Protection

For specific questions, please contact pureair@pall.com.

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