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Helicopter manufacturers must ensure the safety, reliability, and efficiency of their aircraft in operation. To do so, they rely on state-of-the-art technology and high-quality, dependable parts.

Pall Corporation has been an innovator in the field of filtration and purification for commercial and military rotary wing aircraft for more than 40 years. We apply new contamination control technologies to develop "fit-and-forget" products that are easy to install and maintain, with excellent and consistent performance over the long term.

Our Technologies Protect Critical Systems in Hostile Environments

Pall provides customized solutions for the protection of systems involving critical fluids such as engine fuel, hydraulic fluid, lube oil, and pneumatic fluid. These technologies enable safer and more reliable operation, even under hostile conditions.

The PUREair System Safeguards Engines

PUREair  is our featured contamination control product for rotary wing aircraft. It is designed to protect the most costly component, the engine, from numerous external threats.

More than 50 Different PUREair Designs

PUREair systems are custom engineered for specific helicopter models. More than fifty different designs have been certified.

Other Filtration and Purification Products for Helicopters

Pall offers a variety of other products for commercial and military helicopters. These include hydraulic, fuel, and lube filters; pressure swing adsorbers (PSA); purifiers, last chance filters; indicators (DPI/DPS); Dirt Alert filter elements, and valves.

PUREair for Helicopters
PUREair for Helicopters
Fit & Forget Protection for Helicopter Engine Air Intakes.
Filtration Products for Aerospac, Defense & Marine.
Filtration Applications on Commercial & Military Helicopters.
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