Other Air Systems

There are a wide variety of air systems used in commercial/military aircraft and helicopters.

For more details on filtration solutions for the following air systems click on the links below.

Avionics (E/E) Cooling Air

In modern commercial aircraft, with the increased dependence on electronic systems and fly-by-wire technology, the avionics (electronic equipment) cooling system plays an important role in the overall system reliability.

The Pall avionics cooling filters remove fine particulate contamination and water from the air entering the avionics system.


stands for "High Pressure Pure Air Generator". It produces high pressure gas for several applications, including sensor cooling on missile guidance systems and support of pneumatic weapon ejection systems.

The Pall immobilised canisters (add product link) remove particulate contamination, water and carbon dioxide from the air entering the HiPPAG system.


stands for "On Board Oxygen Generating System". It produces oxygen for the aircrew to breathe in modern military aircraft and commercial airplanes.

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The Pall immobilised canisters (add product link) remove particulate contamination and nitrogen from the air in the OBOGS system.


stands for "On Board Inert Gas Generation System". Any contamination present in the air will degrade the performance of the Air Separation Module (ASM) within the OBIGGS.

The Pall OBIGGS filtration system (add product link) removes particulate contamination, moisture and ozone from the air entering the ASM.