Pollution Prevention

Pall has always been dedicated to the concept of purification -- making the liquid and gas streams that serve military installations clean and safe for use, and reuse. Today, our engineering expertise and unmatched array of proprietary technologies enable us to provide innovative solutions to reduce or eliminate pollution. An in-depth look at the technologies behind our solutions is provided here:
  • Oil Purification Systems to extend the fluid life and/or recycle hydraulic fluids, mineral oils, lubrication fluids, avionic coolants and other fluids.
  • Oily Wastewater Separation Systems for the reduction of waste volume by up to 95%, through the concentration of emulsified oils, nonemulsified oils and suspended solids, and enabling the clarified water fraction to be discharged.
  • Coalescers for the separation of liquid/liquid dispersions including fuels, photochemicals, water, oils and other liquids.
  • Dynamic Membrane Filtration to process "sticky" waste streams with minimum fouling.
  • Backwashable Filtration Systems for extension of fluid bath life for plating solutions, for condensate wastewater treatment and for clarification of coolants.
  • Ultrafiltration Systems for concentrating and purification of wastestreams, water, and other fluids.
  • Disposable Graded Pore Filtration for fluid life extension of machine tool coolants, plating solutions, solvents and rinsewaters, and prefiltration for Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis..