Water Purification Treatment

Video Clip on How to Turn Sea Water into Drinking Water

See how the Pall Mobile Water Treatment System helped the New Zealand military alleviate drought crisis in Tuvalu.

Military land and marine, government, relief organizations, and commercial marine companies need to be able to make safe, potable water in virtually any location.  In addition to being used for drinking, this water is also required for use in utilities and for other industrial purposes.

To help meet this critical need, Pall has developed an extensive range of automatic land-based and shipboard potable water systems. These systems can make potable water from any water source -- rivers, reservoirs, lakes, brackish water, and sea water.
Microza* hollow fiber membranes provide a sterile barrier for freshwater, and pre-treatment for the reverse osmosis stage for saline sources.

Pall water systems deliver:

  • Low-maintenance operation
  • Field-proven experience
  • Robust construction with extreme climatic tolerance
  • Operation without the need for chemical pre-treatment
  • Minimal consumables
  • Rapid set-up and simple operation
  • Global servicing and support

* Microza is a trademark of Asahi Kasei Corporation.

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