High Efficiency Coalescers Increase On-Line Process Analyzer Sensor Reliability


T. H. Wines, H. Lakhani and W. Miles, AD 2003 - ISA Conference, Calgary, Canada, April 2003.


On-line process analyzers have become common place in industrial plants and are becoming more complex and numerous each year. One of the most critical issues with the use of on-line sensors is their vulnerability to fouling and the potential harmful outcomes of inaccurate measurements such as non optimized process control leading to loss of revenue. Also of concern is the need for costly replacement parts due to corrosion and maintenance related to frequent repairs or cleanings. Advances in separation technology of liquid / gas coalescers and liquid / liquid coalescers and their application to sensor protection are presented. The use of specially engineered polymeric media has advanced the state of the art for separating liquid aerosols from gases and breaking emulsions in liquid systems. Separation mechanisms in the newly developed technology are described along with how this technology is applied to analyzer protection. Installations of this separation technology include protection of near infra red sensors in gasoline blending, density meters and gas chromatography analyzers in fuel gas, and sensors used to monitor sour water. Case histories from a European Refinery and Canadian Refinery are presented covering the installation details and cost-benefit analysis.

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