Offshore Market: Topside

Offshore platforms used for drilling or production are tightly run facilities with little margin for error. Equipment reliability is of paramount importance in keeping the operation on schedule. When equipment goes down, the ramifications are far greater than with its onshore counterparts. The equipment maintenance or the replacement of damaged parts is very costly and can involve substantial delays in getting the parts out to remote locations.

Pall's filter elements and housings are built to the highest standards based upon a commitment to excellence that incorporates subcomponent failure analysis and the latest ISO manufacturing standards. Pall's attention to quality translates into greater reliability in offshore operations.

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In the Spotlight: Coalescers

Pall offers a variety of liquid/liquid and liquid/gas coalescers. To see which one is right for your application, download and read: Pall Coalescers - Bring Down Costs Through Advanced Phase Separation Technology



  • Boiler feed water
  • Hydrocarbon condensate
  • Potable water
  • Produced water
  • Gas-reinjection
  • Sulfate removal
  • Surface discharge water
  • Hydrate control 
  • Injection water 



  • Lube oil; hydraulic fluid liquid particle filters
    - Ultipleat SRT Series filters

        - Ultipleat® High Flow filters