Pall Corporation's SepraSol Liquid/Gas Coalescer System Protects Burner Tips

Case History
A major producer in the mid-continent area operates a 400,000 bpd refinery. Fuel gas produced at this refinery is burned and used to heat the coker unit.  

Problem Area
Liquids and solids in the fuel gas line would prematurely plug the burner tips. This resulted in unscheduled maintenance, downtime and lower heating values for the coker.  

Refinery management installed a Pall Liquid/Gas Coalescer System on the main fuel gas header. Pall Corporation's SeprasolTM system successfully removed liquids and solids from the fuel gas stream providing protection to the burner tips.


  • No unscheduled maintenance for the burner tips.
  • Maximum heating value is derived from the burned fuel gas.
  • A minimum of $25,000 in maintenance savings per year.
  • A potential savings of $2,000,000 if the coker was required to be shut down due to burner fouling.
  • Other lines not protected by the liquid/gas coalescers required five times the routine maintenance of the Pall protected lines.
  • Element changeout frequency is every 8-12 months