Pall Services for the Fuels and Chemicals Industries

To control expenses and increase productivity, your system must run at maximum efficiency. Pall provides a range of services that can help your system reach and maintain peak performance. Along with our expertise in filtration and separation technology, we have years of experience in the industry. That’s why you’ll receive exceptional quality and value, not only from our products, but also when you turn to us for your service needs. Whether you need continual service or service on a project-by-project basis, we offer real, lasting solutions, not just quick fixes.

Analytical Testing

Pall offers analytical testing to uncover particulate and microbial contaminants in process fluids. If left unchecked, contaminants can ultimately lead to system and product failure. Our labs are well equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation, which is necessary for a detailed and accurate analysis of your fluids. As part of our analytical testing services, we will also provide you with documentation containing our findings.

Our analytic services include:

  • optical microscopy
  • oil analysis
  • contamination analysis
  • particle counting
  • microbial and endotoxin challenge testing
  • microbial identification
  • chemical compatibility testing
  • gas and liquid chromatography
  • light and electron microscopy
  • x-ray emission spectroscopy
  • Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy
  • computer-enhanced image analysis
  • particle size distribution (volumetric and gravimetric)

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Cleanliness Audit

Contamination in process, hydraulic, and lubrication fluids can be uncovered during a cleanliness audit. Contaminants are collected and identified to determine their origin. Recommendations are then made for corrective action that can improve your processes and increase the reliability of your equipment.

The presence of built-in particulate contamination on these high-performance components can result in abrasive wear of dynamic surfaces and erosion of metering surfaces and jamming in valves. This is exacerbated at higher temperatures, pressures, and cycle rates. The degradation of working clearances can have a very significant impact on component reliability and performance.

Pall has decades of experience and technical leadership in both dynamic clearance protection and related contaminant diagnosis/evaluation. Our cleanliness audit can help ensure that your high performance equipment and components remain durable and reliable.

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Equipment Commissioning

We offer an extensive range of commissioning services for Pall systems. Our global team of field engineers provides these services so that, no matter where you are, we can get your system up and running quickly. Our engineers oversee installation to ensure that it is done properly and that your system is fully operational.

Specific equipment commissioning services include:

  • inspection of equipment prior to installation
  • installation and removal of specific components
  • review of overall system installation
  • assembly and disassembly of components
  • inspection of components for proper and adequate insulation
  • inspection of valve operation
  • loop check of system wiring to and from the control panel
  • inspection of PLC-related input/output signals
  • bringing system online to test and confirm design duty
  • tracking of performance and testing of filter elements
  • training of staff in all aspects of system operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting

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Equipment Flushing

Equipment flushing can help your plant improve operation, comply with environmental regulations, and prepare for equipment upgrades. Pall can provide you with the equipment you need to perform the necessary procedures. This service is only one of our many preventive maintenance offerings.

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Equipment Maintenance

Pall provides both preventive and corrective maintenance services. Proper preventive maintenance can avert complicated and costly problems, including unscheduled downtime. Should the need for corrective action arise, Pall service personnel will troubleshoot and adjust, repair, or replace components to allow your system to resume proper operation. A Pall service contract ensures that your system and equipment receive ongoing maintenance services.

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Equipment Rental

Equipment rental services cover both portable and stationary pilot-scale and commercial-scale filtration and separation equipment. For portable equipment, our associations with specialists in the equipment leasing business enable us to offer a large selection to meet your specific needs.

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Laboratory, Pilot, and Field Testing

Pall has a full range of laboratory, pilot, and field testing services. For laboratory and field testing, our multidisciplinary staff of filtration experts employs state-of-the-art equipment to isolate and identify contaminants. The possible sources of contamination are identified so that you can take the necessary corrective actions. We can perform laboratory testing at your facility or ours. Pilot testing enables you to choose the proper equipment so that you can most efficiently integrate filtration and separation into your process.

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Supply Contracts—VAIS

Pall has developed an enhanced integrated supply program, known as Value Added Integrated Supply (VAIS), which provides cost benefit beyond that offered by traditional integrated supply programs. Our partnerships within the filtration industry make this possible, allowing us to supply 100% of your filtration and separation needs at cost-effective pricing. VAIS can be implemented for a process or site/multisite operation.

The results of this program are reductions in:

  • filter expenditures
  • total line items purchased
  • number of vendors
  • purchase orders processed

The VAIS program considers both the operating costs and the unit cost and works with you to provide a compelling return on investment.

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System Upgrades

When new requirements necessitate system modifications, Pall can provide upgrade services for your filtration and separation equipment. This is possible even when your equipment has been provided by another manufacturer.

Upgrade services include:

  • modification or upgrade of PLC program
  • identification and installation of the optimal filter medium
  • conversion of manually-actuated to electrically-actuated components
  • valve upgrades

Genuine parts, cleaners, filters, and other consumables to be used for system upgrades, or as replacements or spares, are available at discount prices.

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Technology Services

Get the best return on your investment through superior system performance, uptime, and reliability. Pall's global resource of engineers, programmers, and technicians are equipped with the latest technology and software to provide value-added field engineering support of your Pall system. We'll work with you to identify and resolve technical issues and help you realize a faster, better return on your investment

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Training of personnel is critical for efficient operation, profitability, and regulatory compliance. Pall can provide training on filtration science and the various aspects of contamination control. We also offer system training to help your staff better understand how your filtration systems work and how to service them. Our productivity training teaches your staff how to identify and take advantage of opportunities to streamline operation for improved efficiency.

Pall’s experienced and highly knowledgeable trainers can tailor courses to meet your needs. Training is conveniently offered at your site or at one of Pall’s specialized training facilities.

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Troubleshooting and System Support

With increasing pressure to improve process efficiency and decrease costs, continuous improvement is a necessity. Diagnosing process or equipment failures and inefficient system operation is critical.

Pall’s service technologists provide troubleshooting and system support services onsite and offsite. For process problems, Pall offers analytical services for a wide range of fluids through its worldwide network of laboratories.

In conjunction with equipment and system troubleshooting, we will diagnose product variability or contamination caused by any of the following:

  • malfunction of system components
  • filter system leak and/or valve leak
  • PLC malfunction
  • short on-stream filter or membrane device life
  • damaged filter or membranes

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Water Audits

Pall conducts water audits that provide a comprehensive assessment of all water uses at your facility. The quantity and quality of wastewater discharges and their compliance with regulations is also evaluated. We offer alternatives for handling, disposal, and reuse of water, and assess the cost and environmental impact of each alternative. Our recommendations include a long-term plan for handling water and wastewater flows that can save you money and improve compliance.

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