Polymer Processors

Pall Corporation is a leader in polymer filtration, with proven technology that dates back to the 1960's.  We offer a complete range of products and services to serve all your filtration needs whether it be feedstock filtration, prepolymer filtration, or high viscosity polymer melt filtration.  Pall Corporation is the only filtration company that is wholly vertically integrated, making its own microscopic fibers and proprietary media as well as filter elements and filter systems, and providing service. Our products are used in a variety of polymer processes for making fiber, film, and resin products.  We specialize in melt filtration of all polymers with particular expertise in optical quality filtration of new and emerging polymers.  Leverage Pall's decades of experience to enhance your operation with our products and services.  

Polymer industry groups can enhance their operations through the use of Pall products and services.

Pall Serves Several Major Polymer Segments

  • Polycarbonate film and resin
  • Polyester film and fiber
  • Polyethylene
  • Polyimide film
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyurethane fibers
  • PVC
  • VCM





In the Spotlight


Pall offers a variety of liquid/liquid and liquid/gas coalescers. Read more to see which one is right for your application.



  • We work with companies that specialize in polymer filter cleaning to provide prompt, expert service.
  • Pall’s supply contract offerings include VAIS (Value Added Integrated Supply), a special cost-effective program to meet your filtration and separation needs.
  • Our service technologists offer troubleshooting and system support on site or through our global laboratory network.
  • Select from our extensive range of equipment commissioning services, from pre-installation inspection to bringing the system online.
  • Pall has a range of mobile and stationary equipment that can be rented for pilot or commercial filtration or separation.
  • Pall offers an extensive range of laboratory and pilot testing services to assist you in identifying contaminants and selecting the appropriate equipment.
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