Dia-Schumalith® N Ceramic Membrane Filter Elements

Pall Dia-Schumalith N are special surface filter elements that are suitable for the filtration of hot gases. An improved creep and corrosion resistance correlated with an increase of service life are characteristics of this hot gas filter material based on silicon carbide. The excellent material properties are the result of a material development project. An improved binder system was developed and tested intensively. The result is a strong material compound with excellent mechanical stability, in high temperature applications. Different membranes are available depending on the field of application and filtration efficiency required.

The combination of the support body and membrane guarantees a low differential pressure at high filtration efficiency. Dia-Schumalith N filter elements are ideally used in the field of hot gas filtration due to their outstanding resistance to temperature changes.

General Information

  • Special care has to be paid to the sealing when installing filter elements.
  • Ceramic elements are to be handled with care.
  • The filter elements should not be cut to any other length as cutting may damage the surface membrane.
  • Elements can be glued using commercial or special ceramic glues.
  • Careful consideration should be taken regarding operating temperatures and chemical resistance.