From the treatment of your incoming plant water through the production of your final product, Pall can help your refinery improve fluid quality and, ultimately, increase profitability. Our products and services help you maximize the performance of processing equipment to accomplish this goal. 

Our knowledge of the filtration and separation applications used in refineries and our close relationship with process licensors has enabled us to understand your existing and potential needs. We are thoroughly familiar with this market, and our dedication to it has fueled product development programs and sharpened our technical and scientific skills. In fact, many of Pall’s products were developed specifically for the downstream operations of hydrocarbon processors.

Pall can offer expertise and a flow of new products to maximize the efficiency and economics of your operation.

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NEW Pall Liquid/Liquid Coalescers 
Consistent, reliable continuous water removal

Learn how lower capex and opex, unsurpassed reliability and ease of use can make the difference -- improving on the efficiency of glass fiber coalescers, sand beds and electroststic precipitators.

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Interested in seeing which Pall products fit into your application?
Read more for an overview of refinery filtration applications.


  • Pall’s supply contract offerings include VAIS (Value Added Integrated Supply), a special cost-effective program to meet your filtration and separation needs.
  • We can provide mobile equipment to assist with cleaning, flushing, and other operations.
  • The equipment rental services Pall provides cover both portable and stationary pilot- and commercial-scale filtration and separation equipment.
  • Pall offers an extensive range of laboratory and pilot testing services to assist you in identifying contaminants and selecting the appropriate equipment.
  • Our service technologists offer troubleshooting and system support on site or through our global laboratory network.
  • Our analytical testing services help you uncover particulate and microbial contaminants in your process fluids.
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