SepraSol™ Liquid/Gas Coalescers for Liquid and Solid-Free Gas

Clean, aerosol-free gas is critical to equipment reliability and optimized operations in the refinery and chemical industries. Pall's SepraSol™ liquid/gas coalescers provide high-efficiency liquid and solid removal from contaminated gases and reduce maintenance and operating costs. A patented chemical surface treatment enhances the coalescer drainage properties – enabling better performance, smaller systems, lower pressure drops, and the improved ability to recover from liquid slugs.

SepraSol liquid/gas coalescers protect low NOx or ultra-low NOx burners for up to two years of reliable, trouble free operation. The coalescers remove 99.99% of solid particles 0.3 µm and larger and reduce liquid content in gas streams to as low as 0.003 ppmw. SepraSol coalescers are cost-effective and offer a typical payback of less than one year.

Pall's high-efficiency SepraSol coalescers are recommended for a wide range of gas filtration applications, including:

  • Protecting compressors and turbines
  • Protecting low and ultra-low NOx burners by cleaning fuel gas
  • Removing lubrication oil, water, compressor wear products, corrosion products, and other solids from effluent gas streams
  • Minimizing foaming tendencies in sweetening and dehydration units
  • Minimizing amine and glycol losses downstream of gas sweetening and dehydration units
  • Cleaning dirty fuel gas and instrument gas
  • Controlling injection well plugging during gas flooding
  • Protecting catalysts, desiccants and absorbants
  • Removing lube oil from ammonia gas

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