Ultipleat Polymer Candle Elements

Longer Service Life and Finer Filtration
Increased filter area is part of the reason behind the superior performance of this polymer filter; uniform flow is another (1).  Pall Ultipleat Polymer Candle Elements yield 30-50% more filtration area than traditional fan-pleat filters thanks to Pall’s innovative design that maximizes the filter’s available space.  Higher area, coupled with uniform flow distribution, results in a significant increase in effective dirt-holding capacity.  All of this equates to an extended on-stream life and improved melt quality.  Alternatively, this area can be used to produce a filter element with finer medium that has the same dirt-holding capacity.

Features, Advantages & Benefits
 • Improves quality  • Longer service life
 • Reduces operating cost  • Extended thread life
 • Enhances productivity  • Metal-to-metal seal