Ultipor Filter Elements - A History of Filtration Technology Innovation

Ultipor II
Ultipor III
Coreless Ultipor III
Ultipor SRT
Pall introduces Ultipor® Filters

ß = 75 removal efficiency

  Glass fiber media
1st in industry
  Fixed pore media and wire mesh up and downstream support
Pall Ultipor II Filters introduced

  ß = 200 removal efficiency
1st in industry
  Tapered pore media
1st in industry

Polyester upstream support and wire mesh downstream support
1st in industry

Pall Ultipor III filters introduced

  ß > 200 removal efficiency
1st in industry
  Nylon support mesh up & down
1st in industry
  Patented outer helical wrap
1st in industry
Pall Coreless Ultipor III filters introduced
1st in industry

  Same performance as Ultipor III filters
  No metal parts (plastic end caps and core is part of housing)
Pall Introduces Ultipor SRT stress-resistant filters
1st in industry

  Resistant to stresses caused by:
- Cyclic Flow
- High pressure drop (due to cold start and filter loading)
- Vibration
  Higher flow capacity (low clean pressure drop)
  Smaller and lower cost assemblies for new installations
  Performance rated as ISO Code achieved at worst operating condition (80% pressure drop) per the Stress-Resistance Test