Ultipor SRT Filter Elements

Ultipor SRT Filter Specifications The Next Generation of Hydraulic & Lube System Protection
Featuring Stress-Resistant Media Technology

Product Features

High Flow Capacity  - Reduces assembly size and cost

  • Provides long service life
  • Low pressure drop

High resistance to system stresses

  • Cyclic flow 
  • Dirt loading
  • Vibration

Performance reported as ISO code

  • Fluid cleanliness level achieved at worst case operating condition

Ultipor SRT filters represent a revolutionary media design providing high performance filtration in any operating condition.

Ultipor SRT Filter Technology

Filter element design has always contained trade-offs. Make a filter finer and more efficient and you've had to sacrifice clean pressure drop and/or service life. Design a filter for low pressure drop or long life and you've had to sacrifice efficiency or increase the filter size.

With the Ultipor SRT filter design we've improved the filter's ability to maintain fluid cleanliness while at the same time reducing clean pressure drop and adding more filter area to capture dirt.

The result: better, more consistent system protection combined with long filter service life in an environmentally friendly package.

Product Information

The result: better, more consistent system protection