Fountain Solution Clarification

Lithographic printers can now reduce their costs and improve productivity by using Pall's new Lithopure® Clarifiers. Each Lithopure Clarifier removes contaminants that can cause problems for operators utilizing a recirculating or spray bar fountain solution system. Removing these contaminants will enable lithographic printers to increase press productivity, decrease press maintenance and improve overall print quality. Specific Lithopure Clarifier products designed for individual and centralized recirculators, as well as spray bar systems, are available.

By utilizing Lithopure Clarifiers for recirculating dampening systems, the life of the fountain solution is significantly extended, in turn minimizing waste disposal costs due to less-frequent disposal and decreasing press downtime. Cleaner dampening rollers and fountain solution trays result in decreased hickey defects and less image wear. In addition, since the Lithopure Clarifiers are constructed of ink-(oil-)loving materials, ink emulsification is reduced.

This results in reduced plate scumming and image tinting. The reduction in contamination leads to improved conductivity control of the fountain solution. For spray dampening systems, Lithopure Clarifiers reduce nozzle pluggage.

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To address the increasing demands of the offset lithographic printing market, Pall Corporation has developed the Lithopure Clarifier family of products. Whether you operate a sheetfed or web press, it is likely that you are utilizing a recirculating or sprayed fountain solution system. By processing your fountain solution through a Pall Lithopure Clarifier, you can reduce your costs and improve the productivity of your printing operation.  

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Product Name

Sheet Fed Presses:

One Recirculator Feeds One Cylinder

Placed within Recirculator Sump

Continuous Flow Valve:

LPRV1 with 1/2" Tubing, Hose Clamps


1 Lithopure Sump Clarifier

Sheet Fed and Mini Web Presses:

One Recirculator Feeds One to Four Cylinders

Inside a Plastic Canister, Downstream of the Recirculator Pump

Canister: SCY1G12H4

Mounting Bracket: ACS0184HS

1/2" Hosebarb to 3/4" NPT Fittings with Clamps: SCYKIT1

Pressure Gauge/Vent Valve: SCYKIT2


2 Lithopure Discharge Clarifier

Sheet Fed or Web Presses with Centralized Recirculators1

Downstream of the Recirculator Pump

Pressure Gauge/Vent Valve: SCYKIT2
Supplied with 3/4" Hosebarb


3 Lithopure Web Clarifier

Spray Bar Dampening Units

Retrofits Directly into Existing Canister

Other Grades Available


4 Lithopure spray bar Clarifier
  Note: All clarifiers must be used in conjunction with a continuous flow valve or dampening system instrumentation to ensure continuous flow. Each clarifier is totally incinerable for ease of waste disposal. Also, each replacement clarifier is available in other grades, in addition to those listed in the chart above. 1 Maximum service life due to process limitations is three (3) months.

Used fountain solution from a foam filter Used fountain solution from a Lithopure clarifier

It is important to keep your Fountain Solution clean to maintain high-quality printing and maximize production. Pall's Lithopure Clarifiers have demonstrated the following benefits:

  • Reduced press maintenance
  • Enhanced print quality
  • Longer press runs
  • Lower production costs
  • Lower Fountain Solution disposal costs
  • Environmentally friendly operation

With the demands on high-quality printing, Pall Lithopure Clarifiers can help you cost-effectively achieve your goals.


Important Facts About Lithopure® Clarifiers

  • Lithopure Clarifiers can enhance your print quality. Lithopure filters remove contaminants that are smaller than the eye can see. These particles can potentially cause defects and wear on printing plates.
  • Lithopure Clarifiers reduce fountain solution consumption and extend the life of the solution by maintaining clean fountain solution in your recirculating system and press pans.
  • By using Lithopure with the continuous flow valve (CFV), you will never starve your press of fountain solution.
  • Lithopure clarifiers reduce production costs due increased press productivity and less press maintenance downtime.
  • Lithopure Clarifiers enhance print quality by reducing plate scumming and tinting, with better conductivity control.