Industrial Marking OEM

Pall has a wide range of filtration products for use on-board industrial marking printers to assure printer performance and printhead longevity

For most continuous ink jet (CIJ) printers, Pall has a capsule filter technology to meet your flow, particle removal, and print life requirements. 

Several filters, optimized for ink jet printing, are highlighted below.

In addition to standard filter configurations, Pall is able to customize many capsules to meet the unique needs of any OEM. Contact us to review in more detail.

Products for Industrial Marking OEM

Acro® Last Chance Filters
Acro Last Chance Filters
This self-contained filter assembly is for point-of-use filtration in digital printing systems.
Ink Jet Capsule and UV Ink Jet Capsule
Ink Jet Capsule Filter
This range of disposable capsules has been developed to offer a high level of protection for the printheads in ink jet printing machines.

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Multiple Application Capsule Filter
Multiple Application Capsule Filter
This is a self-contained filter assembly designed to meet the ever-increasing needs of the digital ink jet printer. This unique capsule provides a high level of printhead protection and long service life in ink jet applications.
Small-Capsule Filter and UV Small Capsule Filter
Small Capsule Filter
This is a compact filter assembly designed for the needs of equipment OEMs where fine filtration, high flow rates, and low hold-up volumes are critical.