Office Printer OEM

Pall provides filtration and venting solutions for OEM printer manufacturers for incorporation into:
  • ink jet pen cartridges
  • print head manifold chassis
  • individualized ink tank cartridges. 

The “Critical” Final Filter

Pall’s Fibermet Fiber Metal and MMM Polymeric Membrane Media are designed into these components as the “critical” final filter that prevents various contaminates found in the bulk ink supplies and airborne environment from clogging the “critical” print head firing nozzles.

Compared to other more common competitive filter materials on the market that can only offer 2-dimensional (surface) filtration capabilities, Pall’s Fibermet Fiber Metal and MMM Polymeric Membrane Media provides a 3-dimentional “labyrinth” (surface and depth) asymmetrical-designed filtration capability. 

This design allows for:

  • maximum permeability
  • low flow resistance
  • superior dirt-holding capacity which extends on-stream performance life
  • superior contaminate removal efficiency over an extended particle size range (thus eliminating downstream contamination and print head nozzle clogging).

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In addition, the asymmetric depth design of these media contains “tortuous” ink flow paths that are capable of, and have demonstrated, the effective capturing and retaining of elongated and/or deformable particulates and gels that may otherwise pass through the filter medium and impact ink jet nozzle performance.

Media Delivery Form, Handling and High-Speed Assembly Line Conversion

Custom slit rolls can be provided up to lengths ranging from 120 to 190 lineal meters, depending upon Pall media type.  The media rolls are double-packaged for direct passage into the high-speed assembly line modules.  The finished die-punched filter geometry can be easily staked onto the corresponding ink jet pen cartridge, print head manifold chassis, and ink tank cartridge filter and vent standpipes.

For Air Vents

Pall also provides its Versapor® Membrane and Supor®Polymeric Membrane Media as highly effective air vents on printer ink tank cartridges.

Pall Custom Solutions

Pall’s in-depth technical knowledge of the OEM printer ink jet industry and its filter and vent media design expertise enables custom media designs based around what the customer’s exact performance criteria is, rather than offering standard media to come as close as possible. We look forward to designing a solution to meet your specific performance criteria requirements, and encourage you to contact us.