Poly-Fine® XLD Filter Cartridges for Digital Ink Formulation

Optimized Hybrid of Depth and
Pleated Filtration Technologies

The Poly-Fine® XLD filter is an innovative synthesis of depth and pleated filtration technologies. This product combines the high flow capacity and low pressure loss of pleated filters, with the gel retention capability and long life of a depth filter.

The Poly-Fine XLD filter is an excellent choice for a wide range of digital printing inks.

The construction of the Poly-Fine XLD filter has been tailored to meet the needs of digital ink formulation and the all-polypropylene construction is compatible with many of the current ink jet ink chemistries. The multi-layer media structure has been developed with fine dispersion classification and gel retention in mind.

Reference Pall literature publication 1254-B “Filtration Solutions for Ink Jet Ink Formulation” for specific recommendations.

Features and Benefits

  • Poly-Fine XLD filters are pleated-depth filters with all-polypropylene construction.
  • Four nominal filter lengths are available: 10''/254mm, 20''/508mm, 30''/762mm, and 40''/1016mm.
  • Poly-Fine XLD filters for digital ink filtration are available in key removal ratings from 1.5 to10µm absolute (coarser grades are available for other applications).
Features Advantages Benefits
Optimized media structure Improved dispersion classification performance Effectively removes oversized material with minimum removal of colorant
Absolute rated filter media Consistent, repeatable filtration performance Dependable ink quality on every batch
Thick media structure Excellent gel retention Increased ink cleanliness and printer performance
All-polypropylene construction Excellent compatibility with most digital ink chemistries Ink chemists need to approve only one material for new ink formulations
High void volume media structure Significant porosity to capture and retain contaminant Long service life and low filter cost per gallon
Robust construction for higher viscosity fluids Filter pleats will resist pleat deformation when filtering higher viscosity digital inks Even pleat flow throughout service life for maximum media utilization and long service life.
Cartridges are free of surfactants, binders, resins and adhesives Very low extractables in most ink systems No impact on critical ink properties

Micrograph of Poly-Fine XLD Series filter media (magnification x 500)

Outer Pre-Filtration Layer 1

Pre-Filtration Layer 2

Pre-Filtration Layer 3

Inner Final Filtration Layer
(Constant Pore Size)