Automotive Onboard Applications

Fuel Filtration

Blockage of fuel injectors working at pressures up to 2000 bar can result in serious damage to the engine. As clearances are reduced they become more sensitive to wear and dirty fluid. Pall proprietary media are employed to clean the fuel to:
  • Extend service intervals
  • Stabilise emissions by reducing component wear
  • Prevent injector blockage
  • Improve protection against water ingression


Hydraulic Systems

  • Power steering
  • Ride height control
  • Active suspension systems
  • Roll control
  • Power assisted braking systems

Drawing on fifty years experience in hydraulic system fluid filtration Pall can apply its full range of skills and products to remove contamination ranging from coarse grits to fine particulate.

Effective elimination of damaging contaminants at initial build and throughout the service life of the vehicle increases reliability, extends service periods and reduces the overall cost of customer ownership.


Transmission Lube

The new generation of CVT transmission dispense with the need for rubber or metal belts but place high demands on the transmission fluid to achieve lengthy operation.

Pall filters provide effective control of harmful contamination and help maintain the condition of the transmission fluid to achieve optimum reliability and performance.


Other Applications

   Other potential application areas include:
  • Air conditioning
  • Braking systems
  • Air bags
  • Electro-hydraulic gear change