Breaking The Chain Reaction Of Wear

In a study by Dr. E. Rabiniwicz of M.I.T., the observation was made that 70% of component replacements or "loss of usefulness" is due to surface degradation. In hydraulic and lubricating systems, 20% of these replacements result from corrosion, with 50% resulting from mechanical wear.

Particles generated as a result of abrasive wear are work hardened; thus they become harder than the parent surface. If these particles are not removed by proper filtration, they will recirculate and cause additional wear. This "chain reaction of wear" will continue and result in premature system component failure unless high-performance filtration is applied to break the chain.

Pall Ultipor III ® filters with ß x > 200 removal efficiency ensure cleaner fluids for long component life, maximum system reliability, and lower operating costs.