Diagnostic and Monitoring Products

Understanding that "you cannot control what you cannot measure" is at the core of every root-cause based Proactive Maintenance program. The goal of proactive maintenance is to extend equipment and component life by using techniques that address problems before they occur.

Pall Corporation offers a range of diagnostic and fluid monitoring equipment to provide you with reliable, real-time fluid and filter condition data to help you maintain operating system reliability and extend equipment uptime and productivity.

Pall Diagnostic & Monitoring Products

Pall Cleanliness Monitors (PCM)

  • NEW PCM500 Portable Cleanliness Monitor The PCM500 is our latest portable diagnostic monitoring device, using proven mesh-blockage technology to provide accurate 3-part ISO 4406 code measurement of system fluid cleanliness, for almost any fluid or operating environment. Available with integrated water sensor.
  • PCM200 Cleanliness Monitor Low pressure on or offline fluid cleanliness monitoring, designed for fixed use with mineral, synthetic and water based fluids in critical applications.

PCM500 Cleanliness Monitor





Water Sensors

  • WS08 Series fixed display water sensor The WS08 water sensor provides precise and reliable measurement of dissolved water content and temperature in hydraulic, lubrication and insulation oils.
  • WS11X Series Water Sensor for hazardous environments  The ATEX Approved WS11X Water Sensor is specifically designed for use in hazardous environments to measure and display dissolved water content and temperature in hydraulic & lubrication fluids
  • NEW WS12 / WS13 Series fixed water sensor An ideal, low-cost, in-line, monitoring solution for real-time measurement of dissolved water content in hydraulic, lubricating and insulating fluids, and diesel fuels.
  • WS19 Portable Water Sensor The WS19 option is a hand-held water sensor for measuring dissolved water content in hydraulic, lubricating and insulating fluids, and diesel fuels.

WS12/13 Water Sensor

Differential Pressure Indicators / Transducers

RCA222 Differential Pressure Transducer


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