Environmental Advantages of Coreless Ultipor III Filters

With environmental regulations concerning the disposal of used oil and filters continuing to proliferate, it's essential that industries find ways to extend the life of the oils and filters they use, and minimize waste. For economic fluid cleanliness and waste minimization, consider the proven effectiveness of Coreless Ultipor III filters.

Oil Advantage
Ultipor III filters offer high efficiency removal and control of critical size and larger particles. Maintaining and controlling fluid cleanliness is a critical factor in how often fluids must be changed. With Ultipor III filters, fluid life is increased and disposal considerations are significantly reduced.

Filter Advantages
Long-lasting -- Ultipor III filters have high dirt capacity and optimized construction for maximum service life. Long filter service life extends service intervals resulting in lower filter and maintenance costs.
Crushable -- Coreless Ultipor III filter elements are designed to easily slip on or off a reusable, perforated center core, which is permanently attached to the filter housing. Coreless construction facilitates crushing prior to disposal, reducing compressed waste volume. Since there's no metal in the filter, the labor cost of stripping and separating waste materials is eliminated.
Recyclable -- Coreless elements are constructed without metal components, allowing them to be incinerated, thereby adding BTU value in waste-to-energy operations.

For more details, see "Filter Disposal -- A Zero Waste Solution."

How Coreless Filtration Can Benefit Your Operation
While weighing in at 60% less than comparable elements with metal cores and endcaps, Pall Coreless Ultipor III® filter elements are heavy-hitters when it comes to waste minimization, high-performance protection, and significant cost-containment:

  • Waste minimization
    • Reduced filter disposal frequency
    • Reduced metal waste disposal
    • Extended fluid service life
  • High performance protection
    • Extends the life of hydraulic and lubricating system components by removing harmful contaminants that cause component wear and breakdown
  • Cost reduction
    • Long filter element life minimizes filter change out, reducing the total cost of filtration
    • Coreless elements can be compressed to significantly reduce disposal volume and disposal costs
    • Non-metallic construction allows elements to be incinerated, making spent filters an alternate fuel supply

Only one product on the market can offer all of these advantages: The Coreless Ultipor III filter.