Primary Metals

Intense global competition has spurred producers of steel, aluminum and other metals to do everything they can to lower production costs and adopt new, more efficient technologies. Pall has a long history of working with these industries to provide cost saving solutions and process improvement.

Pall offers a wide range of long-lasting, cost-effective, filter products, fluid conditioning equipment, and condition monitoring devices to safeguard equipment reliability and ensure peak performance.

Wherever fine filtration and optimum cleanliness is required, chances are you'll find a Pall product. A partial list of the areas where Pall contamination control solutions are applied include:

Servo-Hydraulic systems:

  • Electric arc furnaces
  • Roll positioning 
  • Continuous casters
  • Automatic gauge controls

Lubrication systems:

  • Rod Mills
  • Rolling mills
  • Foil mills
  • Extrusion operations
  • Forging operations

Predictive maintenance programs including oil analysis and condition monitoring have become commonplace throughout the industry. Pall's filtration and purification products reliably and economically reduce the level of particulate and water contaminants in hydraulic or lube systems. Pall's filter elements, purifiers and housings ensure optimum fluid cleanliness levels, consistent performance and long service life for the lowest cost of operation.

With manufacturing capabilities on three continents, Pall is uniquely positioned to serve end users and original equipment manufacturers around the world. Our global presence ensures that the same high quality products are available to every customer, regardless of location.